Hähä, mobba männen bara gör det! Go SATC ;)

Miranda: He's so cute and funny and sexy and I really want to have sex with him but I don't know! Is it okay to fuck one guy when you're pregnant with another man's baby?
Carrie: If one more person asks me that today...
Miranda: I mean I'm not in a relationship with the father of the baby or anything.
Carrie: Well I've rarely heard that used as a plus but go on.
Miranda: Is it tacky? And beyond tacky is it safe? Let's assume he's a really great fuck...
Carrie: Cause so many men are.
Miranda: Can all that poking shake the baby loose or something?
Carrie: *ridiculous look*
Miranda: Nooooooo, that's silly! Married couples have sex all the time but what if he's huge?
Carrie: Again, cause so many men are.


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